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One Hospital Tells You What You Will Have To Pay — Before The Surgery

By John C. Goodman and Charles Sauer. Don’t take our word for it. You can try this out yourself. Just google Surgery Center of Oklahoma and here is what you will find. For Achilles tendon repair, you will pay $5,730. That’s not an estimate with a huge variance around it. It’s a package price that […]

The Big Heist

Dr. Khattab, and all followers of our “” concept wholeheartedly support this wonderful project and hope you will too. Let’s unbreak healthcare. Click here for more information:

No More Grand Canyons in Healthcare

The massive separations between the important plateaus in Health Care delivery in the United States will be fading soon. In the movie Back To The Future, Marty Mcfly’s image on a polaroid picture is dramatically fading when the threat of his whole existence increases. If his parents don’t unite, back in high school, his existence […]

Ocean Surgery Center