Consult with your surgeon before attempting any exercise as your sutures and muscles need time to rest and recover from the surgery. Avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for four to six weeks after a tummy tuck procedure.

Start slowly

Sit up on your own several times a day. While this may not seem difficult, it causes your body to work the muscles. Ask your caregiver to be next to you when you first attempt to sit up or get out of bed on your own.

Step 2

Start walking. Moving around even for a very short time as soon as possible after surgery helps prevent blood clots.  As your strength returns, take longer walks around the house and neighborhood.

Stairs after tummy tuck?

As long as you limit your stair climbing, you should be fine to do so after surgery.  In order to limit your discomfort it is best to go slow and carefully place both feet on each step instead of alternating steps.

Step 3

Start with light cardiovascular low-impact exercises, such as cycling, using the elliptical and brisk walking 4 weeks after the procedure.

Step 4

Most people can start upper-body and leg-strengthening exercises 4-6 weeks after surgery. Avoid exercises that target abdominal muscles until your muscle strength returns in other areas of the body to avoid straining them.

Step 5

Strengthen your abdominal muscles with simple exercises, such as pelvic thrusts or leg slides and once your abdominal strength has improved, you can try one set of 10 crunches, planks and leg lifts. Add additional sets as strength and stamina increase.

Step 6

Resume your regular exercise program when you’ve received clearance from your physician. Keep in mind that this may take several months.


  • Give yourself enough time to heal after a tummy tuck procedure. Listen to your physician and your body. Failure to do so may result in complications.