Letter From the Medical Director

Not too long ago, my team and I began contemplating a new health care delivery model. Its centerpiece was price transparency. The concept was straight forward. In fact, all we really had to do was bundle the various costs of surgery and then tell patients exactly how much their needed procedure would cost.

First and foremost, we wanted to restore the primacy of the patient-physician relationship and lessen any interference that may dictate how doctors interact with those in their care. At the same time, we knew that doing so will eliminate the nonmedical, administrative redundancies that needlessly up costs and red tape the delivery of treatment.

And so, early in 2014, we published all-inclusive prices for the bundled procedures our surgeons perform in different specialties. By our estimates, our fees—cost plus what we deem to be fair and reasonable compensation—are on average 40 to 60 percent of the tally that changes hands at in-network-coverage rates.

I understand that fronting medical expenses is a daunting suggestion. Nor do I advocate foregoing medical insurance. But in serving those failed by coverage and safety nets, OSC is able to demonstrate that the staggering pace of inflation in healthcare need not be so.

As always, my assurance to patients is that our skilled medical team will deliver the finest care and that our care-coordination staff will help guide you through the logistics and assist you with your treatment and recovery needs.

Sherif Khattab, M.D.

Ocean Surgery Center