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Billing FAQs

Please contact us to coordinate and price any surgery that is not currently listed on the website.

What is included in the quoted price?

The listed price includes the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologists fee, and the facility fee. Any additional or hardware-associated costs that are not already included in the price will be clearly quoted prior to surgery. Any testing, blood work or pathology fee is patient’s responsibility and our team can advise you regarding each, as needed. There will be no unwanted surprises.

What if after a consultation, the surgeon says that I don’t need surgery?

OSC’s price includes a $250 consultation fee. You are required to pay this fee prior to seeing your surgeon. Should you and your doctor decide to proceed with surgery, this fee will be discounted from your final bill. If surgery is determined unnecessary, you will only be responsible for the $250 fee that was already paid. No additional payments will be needed.

What happens if I need to be monitored overnight following surgery?

As an outpatient surgery center, OSC is approved for stays up to 24 hours. The price does not include an overnight stay, except where indicated. Procedures performed on outpatient basis will in most cases have patients on their way soon after surgery.
If you so choose, an overnight stay can be arranged. If you have special medical needs, your doctor will determine in advance if an overnight monitoring stay is needed. In both cases the cost of the overnight stay will communicated to you prior to billing and surgery.

How long will I have to wait for surgery?

After consulting with the surgeon and it is decided that surgery is the best treatment option, in most cases OSC care coordinators can schedule your surgery within seven to 10 days. Often delaying surgery is necessary to allow patient to discontinue certain medications and supplements that can adversely impact surgery and recovery.




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