Welcome to Ocean Surgery Center (OSC)

We are a state-of-the-art multispecialty Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) that offers a wide range of surgical procedures. At our facility, our main focus is safe environment for the patient. Our aim is for every patient to feel like a VIP patient and addressing every patient’s individual need and concern with utmost care, from the moment of arrival until discharge.

OSC is Medicare certified and accredited by QUAD A, which means we are continuously monitored and have successfully passed inspection on hundreds of important criteria concerning patient safety in an outpatient setting. We are centrally located in the South Bay Area and offer easy access to surgeons and patients.

Why Choose OSC?

Our team of Patient Care Coordinators, anesthesiologists, Nurses and Surgical Technicians are highly experienced professionals focused on offering individualized patient care, conducting high quality care, while also comforting and guiding your patients through their episodes of care. OSC’s dedicated team helps each patient visit flow as smoothly as possible and we pride ourselves on eliminating delays and you and your patients will experience little-to-no wait times for scheduled surgeries.

OSC respects its physicians and patients time and believes that a schedule is to be respected and that any schedule changes come with a very high cost to surgeons, physicians, staff, and, most importantly, the patient. Here at OSC we will provide you with the appropriate staffing needs in order to truly personalize care for your patients. In most cases we can offer a more competitive rate than your typical surgical facility, while maintaining high-quality service, due to our efficient scheduling process, clinical staff, and administrators.

OSC monitors and maintains quality through Quality Assurance and Infection Control Programs, benchmarking, and continuous staff education. We are proud to have a 0% infection rate since the opening of our surgery center in 2006.

OSC is proud to participate in the LA County Community Preparedness Program to help the community.

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The Benefits of Using an ASC

For Your Patients:

  • Patient satisfaction is on average 92% higher at ASCs than at hospitals.
  • Flexible appointment scheduling.
  • Easy access onsite parking
  • Avoid long waits at appointments
  • Save time and money
  • 0% infection rate

For You:

  • Operating rooms designed for multispecialty procedures
  • Conveniently collaborate with the same medical staff who work together daily to ensure equipment and supplies are setup to your specific needs.
  • Achieve better surgery outcomes by having a consistent medical staff that ensures the operating room (OR) is setup with all the surgeons equipment needs.
  • ASCs focus on a specific scope of procedures, this promotes higher levels of proficiency among providers, better quality, and enhanced efficiency.
  • 0% infection rate

Request More Information if you are a physician looking to perform surgeries in an outpatient surgery facility, feel free to or give us a call any time at (310) 325-1644, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.