Ocean Surgery Center and Dr. Khattab received this review today. The Ocean team would like to thank Roland for taking the time to do this.

I had a basal cell carcinoma—an aggressive skin cancer that forms in the basal cell, the deepest layer of skin. The lesion does not spread (metastasize) but, it did grow.

In November 2015, I made an appointment with Dr. Khattab to see the lesion on my neck. Dr. Khattab and everyone at
Ocean Surgery Center are great. After the exam they let me know what the total cost of this procedure. I like the fact that all prices for procedures Dr. Khattab and other surgeons do at OSC are listed on their website.

When I went back for the procedure to remove the skin cancer from my neck Dr. Khattab did a great job to hide the potential scar in the creases of the skin. I would recommend Dr. Khattab to anyone who need surgery.

I am happy I found Dr. Khattab and the Ocean Surgery Center.

Roland Fisher, Mission Viejo, CA