1. Why do I have to pee before I leave recovery?

Answer: Sometimes parts of the brain don’t wake up as fast as others. We give you fluid through the IV during your stay and need to see some pass through your system to make sure all systems are awake from the anesthesia.

  1. Why do I have to remove my nail polish?

Answer: We put a monitor on your fingernail that uses a light to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. So fingernail polish, fake nails, thick nails, or fungus can impede the light going through your nail and offer an incorrect measurement. But don’t worry we can use your toenail or even ear if needed.

  1. Why does the nurse take my blood pressure before the surgery even starts?

Answer: We need a baseline measurement, so we know what your normal is before surgery starts. Also, to make sure it is within the limits for the procedure.

  1. Why do I have to stop taking medications and drinking 2 weeks before the surgery?

Answer: To promote better healing we need all the unknown substances out of your body. Some medications, vitamins, and even herbal remedies can interfere with the medications we give you or may heighten or lessen the effects of them. All medications should be ok by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, its better if we start out on a clean slate.

  1. Why can’t I wear any deodorant or lotion the day of surgery?

Answer: There are multiple reasons; they do interfere with the adhesive from the monitors, interfere with the readings of important equipment, and might get into the surgical site.


Mollie Baldenegro BSN, RN, Mollie is the Director of Nursing at Ocean Surgery Center