It’s been more than two years since OSC launched—OSC’s bundled-pricing, transparency-focused website. This online presence remains as important today as it was then.

It had long been clear to us that healthcare had become an unfordable experience that delivered care with much inefficiency. The business of healthcare had taken precedence over healthcare itself.

The website was the best way we could challenge the way thing stood.

We opened our doors to six other medical specialties, worked out a bundled, out-the-door prices for a hundred or so procedures, and then we published them on that very website.

We believed that clarity and direct communication between the patient and their chosen doctor would help correct for the negative turn that healthcare had taken.

A handful of providers have done what we have, and we work alongside them to encourage more providers and provider systems to adopt what we have adopted. It is the only way to for the smaller players to nudge the system in the right direction.

The Ocean Team