noun gu·ru \ˈgu̇r-(ˌ)ü, ˈgü-(ˌ)rü also gə-ˈrü\

: a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

Meriam Webster Dictionary

A guru is also a teacher or a guide, one who holds trust, especially in “matters of fundamental concern” (also as per Meriam Webster).

Healthcare decidedly, is a matter of fundamental concern, and that is why we call our care coordinators “gurus”.

For the most part at least, no one likes going to the doctor’s office. From the get-go, the necessary condition is that, however minor, something is wrong. Let’s face it, it isn’t the most pleasant of must-dos.

With courtesy and consideration, our care coordinators address patients’ concerns. They are the patients’ first and last point of contact. They help their patients navigate the often unclear system of healthcare. Their expertise is key if the hands are to talk to one another—key if the patient is to save time and unnecessary expenses.

You can count on the OSC gurus to simplify their patient’s medical journey. And this past year, our gurus were recognized by the second largest medical system in the South Bay as the “best” in all categories of patient satisfaction.

We much prefer to go out of our way and to make a difference. That is our promise.

The OSC Team