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Mouth and Throat Care After Surgery

It’s common to experience a sore throat, dry mouth, bad breath and even hoarse voice after surgery, especially if you were intubated for general anesthesia. Anti-nausea drugs that are sometimes given to help prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting are also associated with dry mouth and a sore throat. Most of these symptoms go away within […]

Preventing Nausea After Surgery

Anesthesia will put you to sleep and prevent pain during your surgery, but can also make you feel nauseous afterwards. Some people don’t get sick after surgery, about half of all patients. But if you have following risk factors, you may be more likely to experience postoperative nausea: Previous experience of postoperative nausea and vomiting […]

Ocean Surgery Center COVID Guidance

COVID Guidelines

Our surgery center strictly follows and even goes beyond Department of Health issued guidance for ambulatory surgery centers to protect our patients and our staff, including: Comply with state and CDC guidelines to protect against further spread of COVID-19. Require preoperative COVID-19 RT-PCR test and ensure COVID-19 negative status before a scheduled procedure. Institute screening […]

No More Grand Canyons in Healthcare

The massive separations between the important plateaus in Health Care delivery in the United States will be fading soon. In the movie Back To The Future, Marty Mcfly’s image on a polaroid picture is dramatically fading when the threat of his whole existence increases. If his parents don’t unite, back in high school, his existence […]

OSC’s Care Coordination Gurus

guru noun gu·ru \ˈgu̇r-(ˌ)ü, ˈgü-(ˌ)rü also gə-ˈrü\ : a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject Meriam Webster Dictionary A guru is also a teacher or a guide, one who holds trust, especially in “matters of fundamental concern” (also as per Meriam Webster). Healthcare decidedly, is a matter […]

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